What you need for a Desert Camping Trip


Over the years I’ve done a fair amount of camping,  both complicated trips to deserts, jungles etc and holiday camping at the seaside.  As we begin to plan our first desert trip with friends I thought a list might be helpful for anyone thinking of making a desert trek in the future.

A suitable 4 wheel drive vehicle.  Without going into details, not all 4 wheel drives are equal, or good on sand.  Brands that we are considering are: Toyota Land-cruiser,  Nissan Patrol, and Landrover defender or Discovery.  DH would like a pimped out truck.

Tent,  size depends on who you want to sleep in it. It must stand up to wind.

Camp Beds,  do not sleep on bare ground,  it won’t end well.

Sleeping Bags,  and or liners.  It can get very cold in the desert at night.

Long steel tent pegs,  about 10 ins and thick.

Large hammer


Sleeping mats

Big mat/rug

Camping boxes

Securing straps


Camping chairs

Cool box

Plastic ‘Ice’ blocks

Waterboy and pump/jerrican(s)

Personal water bottles

Fuel jerricans (only needed on some trips)


Tyre pressure gauge

Air compressor

Jump leads

Wheel changing kit (check it is all there and works)

At least one spare wheel preferably 2.

Car fire extinguisher – somewhere to hand

Gloves,  to handle hot cars

Personal first aid

E45/hand cream


Big light

Sun cream

Insect repellant


Spare batteries


String, repair kit, bits and pieces to taste

Car charging leads for phones etc





Dried emergency rations

Food & Water as calculated by itinerary

snacks for on route

Washing bowl

Washing liquid


Tea towels



Pans and Utensils. (2 saucepans and 1 frying pan)

Rubbish bags

Toilet rolls


Personal washing kits

Wet wipes

Music etc for car

Stove, gas and wind shield


Car registration istimara

Driving licence

Passport / iqama

Car insurance docs


1 Response to What you need for a Desert Camping Trip

  1. Myriam says:

    Thank you for your help !! I love to read your page, about how to survive in Saudi Arabia. You are funy and make it easy to understand. Everything you say it’s true.
    I wish you can talk about the pollution and if we can help this people to learn about reciclyn.
    It might be a never ending story . I have been here for about 3 years and nobody cares about reciclyn. I’ll be going back home soon. I wish we can do something.

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