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The Janadriyah Festival 2013

A two week long cultural and heritage festival is held each year at Janadriyah,  some 30 miles outside Riyadh.  Originally The festival was founded as a massive camel race meet,  but has gradually become a celebration of the regional heritage of … Continue reading

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Little Black Dress, Arabian Style.

  The Abaya,   is a black tent,  which all women in Saudi Arabia have to wear by religious decree.   Abaya in direct translation from Arabic to English means “cloak”.   Women in Saudi Arabia cover themselves according to … Continue reading

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Weekend Away Day to Al Usayla or Graffiti Rock.

Our first Sunday aka Friday here in Arabia,  we have been invited to join a tour to Al Usayla or known in English as Graffiti Rock.  A pre historic sight with many fabulous petroglyphs documenting Saudi Arabia around 5,000 years … Continue reading

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Ikea Here We Come

The D.H. announces that he has invited 10 people to dinner on our first day in Riyadh.  This he says is not a problem because he will cook!  It is a problem though because the kitchen, while perfectly delightful in … Continue reading

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Would Jeremy Clarkson approve?

Jeremy Clarkson would approve of the size of our new car. There’s no eco or green about   this beast of a GMC Yukon.  The car is provided by the company and who wouldn’t be happy about someone giving you … Continue reading

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Arrived. Phew!!

After months of medicals,  form filling,  and general faffing around.  The Family,  that is the children and me,  (Saudi terminology ,  I promise you will get used to it) arrived at King Khalid international airport,  Riyadh,  late on the 27th … Continue reading

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